Jazz Internet Packages 2021

Jazz Internet Packages 2021

Jazz also known as Mobilink is one of the best Pakistani networks. Here we are going to discuss Jazz Internet Packages 2021. This network offers different internet packages for daily monthly as well as yearly use. Users can select the package that suits them according to their needs. Here we are going to share all the packages with you with the subscription code as well as the price you will be charged and the most important thing the validity of that package so let’s begin discussing each one by one of them. All of these internet packages by Jazz are as follows:

Jazz Daily Internet Packages 2021:

Jazz offers several daily internet packages. These packages are best for those people who are interested to use the internet for a day or a short time. Some of the latest packages introduced by Jazz for this category are as follows:

Package Data Price Code
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak) 100 MB (24 Hrs)
1100 MB in Off-Peak (2 am-2 pm)
Rs. 24 *117*4#
Daily Browser 50 MB Rs. 11.95 *117*11#
Daily Social Recursive 200 MBs for Facebook & Whatsapp Rs. 5.98 *455#

These are all the packages that have been introduced by jazz for people seeking to use the internet for a short time or a day only.

Jazz weekly Internet Packages 2021:

After the daily internet packages offered by Jazz now here comes the weekly internet packages by jazz. These packages include:

Package Data Price Code
Weekly Streamer 1 GB Rs. 95 *117*7#
Weekly Mega 5 GB Rs. 190 *159*2#
Weekly Mega Plus 20 GB
(10 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM)
Rs. 240 *453#
Weekly Premium 3 GB Rs. 132 *117*47#
Weekly Social 8GB
(4 GB Between 2 AM – 2 PM)
for IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook
Rs. 50 *660#
Weekly Extreme
(2 AM – 2 PM)
2500 MBs Rs.60 *117*1#

These are all the latest internet packages offered by jazz for weekly use. People interest to get any of these packages can simply dial the code mentioned above against each package and enjoy surfing the internet for the whole week without any interruption.

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages 2021:

After weekly internet packages jazz is also offering amazing monthly packages for its users. These packages are best for people who want to get rid of subscribing to packages again and again. They can subscribe to monthly internet one time and then enjoy hassle-free internet browsing throughout the month. Following packages are offered by Jazz for a monthly basis:

Package Data Price Code
Monthly Browser 2500 MBs Rs. 210 *117*77#
Monthly Mega 4200 MBs Rs. 359 *117 *31#
Monthly Mega Plus 7500 MBs Rs. 598 *117*30#
Monthly Supreme 12,000 MBs Rs. 897 *117*32#
Monthly Extreme 5,000 MBs Rs. 120 *117*34#

These are all the packages offered by jazz for the whole month to its users so they can enjoy fast browsing without any interruption.

Jazz Hourly and 3 Days Internet Packages 2021:

Jazz also offers internet packages at an affordable cost on a day and hourly basis to its users. These packages are priced at different rates that are mentioned in the table below:

Jazz Internet/Hour Data Price Code
Hourly Extreme
(2 Hours)
2,000 MBs Rs. 20.32 *846#
3 Day Extreme
(2 AM – 2 PM)
500 MBs Rs. 17.9 *114*14#

These are all the packages currently being offered by Jazz under 3 days and hourly packages. Interested users can dial the code above to subscribe to any of these packages.

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This was all about Jazz Internet Packages 2021. If you are interested to buy any of these package simply dial the code mentioned against the package above but make sure you have recharged the sufficient amount required for that package in your account.

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