Best Ways To Use Glassware Fruit Bowls-2021 Trends

Bring wholesale glass fruit bowls to your house to complete your tableware. It is one of the essential items that you can’t neglect. You get a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs from which you can choose.

 You can make a variety of different looks and styles by decorating inside a glass bowl. It is the most inexpensive way to beautify your dining room table or any other room in the home. Furthermore, you can change the look of the decoration according to the occasion by changing the décor items. Continue reading and know how you can use one glass bowl for different events.

Ideas How To Serve With Glass Fruit Bowls

Isn’t it boring to present your fruit bowls ordinarily? There are various ideas by which you can contribute your wholesale glass fruit bowls. Get inspired from the below pictures to show your fruits bowls in different ways:

Use Crystals

You can add crystals while serving fruits if you want to have texture in your wholesale glass fruit bowl. Crystals will add royalty to your presentation. However, you have to think about the colors that will work with it.

There are many color combinations from which you can choose. For example, you can use different shades of blue and white crystals and spread them on the serving tray. Or choose bold colors and have contrasting combinations.

Add Flowers

Adding flowers to the bowls is one of the primary and classic ways to beautify the look. With few flowers or even petals, your fruit bowls can become aesthetic.

You can add only one flower to each fruit bowl and serve it. One flower can transform the dull look into a pleasant presentation. You can also spread a few petals around the fruit bowls when you are nursing. It can be natural or fake.

Create Theme With Bowls

You can create themes in clear glass fruit bowls. For example, you can use these bowls on Christmas and tie a red ribbon around them and serve some sweets in them. You can decorate it with other decorations at different events and do fruit or whatever you want to help.

Different Uses Of Glass Fruit Bowls

There is no such rule that you can only serve food in fruit bowls. There are many other uses of fruit bowls that you can use. Some of them are as below:

Fruits and Vegetables

Place fruits and vegetables in your bowl and fill it with natural colors. Suppose you want to have a proper fruit bowl, place raw fruits and veggies. But it will be your short-term centerpiece. If you desire your bowl only for decoration for longer-term decor, place artificial fruits and vegetables. It would help if you used bright, eye-catching green apples and lemons or went with softer pears and grapes.

Remember to buff the glass bowl and your fruit to a shine before you put it all together. It will be the perfect arrangement as a centerpiece by laying a fresh blossom at the top of the fruit bowl.


You can use ling bowls to showcase the stems of beautiful flowers. For example, orchids and bamboo have gorgeous root systems that you can show by putting them inside a clear glass bowl. To make it more attractive, fill the base of the bowl with a layer of pebbles or crystals. For the rest of the vase, you should place some potting soil.

Your plant will look beautiful and will also grow. The roots of the plant will appear at the sides of the pot. Therefore, you will be able to see the layer of rocks, dirt, and seeds as a natural piece of art.

Key Bowls

There are many fruit bowls that you can place on your side table as a décor item. It will also serve you in many ways; for example, you can keep your keys in it. Other than keys, you can put your wallets, bus or train passes, and loose change in the bowls and place them near the door. It is a very convenient place to store things that you need while you go out.

Nightstands And Bedroom Dressers

There are plenty of bowls with different shapes and sizes, perfect for nightstands and dressing tables. You can use a small or big fancy bowl to hold your smartphones, watches, jewelry items, or makeup items on the dressing table.

Fetching items from a large bowl will be more accessible as you can easily access it, and all items are visible. You can also use a small bowl to organize specific small categories of items in your drawers, dressers for nightstands.

Decorative Ideas For Fruit Bowls

If you like creative things, you can use these fruit bowl glass jar for multiple purposes. You can serve in them, or you can use them for decoration. Here are some fantastic ideas to have unique décor for special occasions:

Beach Scene

If you like DIY projects, this idea will suit you. Put sand in your bowl to create a mini beach decor. Add a few small beach chairs onto the sand. You can get these chairs from any playset. Spread a few seashells and sand dollars to complete your decor. There are plenty of things you can add to make it look extraordinary.


Place a few pebbles, sand, and marbles to give a solid base for your candle. Now, put the bottom end of any candle, simple or fancy, into the pebbles to support it and let it stand up straight. However, you need to choose a bowl that is resistant if you want to light the candle. If you want it for décor only, you can leave the candle as it is. An electric candle will also look good.


You can use fruit bowls for serving food with different presentations. However, there are many other ways to use bowls in the house. You get bowls of various shapes and sizes, which you can use for different things. 

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