Samsung Mobile Prices in USA Features Specifications

Samsung Mobile Prices in USA Features Specifications

All of us are familiar with the most popular cell phone brand is Samsung. Samsung Mobile Prices in USA is our main topic today. The company has launched various mobile phones until now which are being used all over the world including USA with no complains. Samsung always makes quality that is the main reason for its increasing customers all over the world. Samsung mobiles come with different specifications and features but the most important thing due to which users buy these phones is the display that they offer in their smartphones. Here we will see prices of some of the latest models of Samsung mobiles that have been offered for the year 202. The prices of these mobile phones are as follows:

Samsung Mobile Prices in USA:

The below table indicates the prices of Samsung mobiles in USA for the year 2021.

Mobile Price
Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho $165
Samsung Galaxy A52S 5G $470
Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 $170
Samsung Galaxy S21 Olympic Games Edition $1025
Samsung Galaxy F22 $180
Samsung Galaxy A22 $180
Samsung Galaxy F52 $310
Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2 $600
Samsung Galaxy F02S $120
Samsung Galaxy A32 4G $270
Samsung Galaxy M02 $100
Samsung Galaxy A72 $535
Samsung Galaxy A52 4G $415
Samsung Galaxy F62 $330
Samsung Galaxy A03S $150
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 $360
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 $1230
Samsung Galaxy M21S $200
Samsung Galaxy M62 $330
Samsung Galaxy A02S $170
Samsung Galaxy F12 $150

These are all the prices for Samsung mobiles that have been launched in 2021 by Samsung in USA. The prices may vary depending on the time passed when it was launched.

Samsung Mobile Specifications and Features:

Samsung mobile comes with different specifications and features that are a basic need of every mobile user these days. Samsung mobiles features usually differ from the features of other mobile phone brands in USA that’s because Samsung only makes premium-quality mobiles by adding all the high-quality material. In some models, the features are less as compared to features of other mobile companies that is because Samsung is not lowering the quality while other brands lower the quality and add more features. In this a customer gets features but low quality costs him big trouble in future.

Samsung Mobile Availability in USA:

When we talk about its availability we will find that Samsung is available in every corner of the world from where interested people can buy the [phone of their choice easily. Samsung phones have become more user-friendly after the company has added a lot of extra latest features which have also increased the performance of their phones.

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