Being A Esports Lover Don’t Know The History OF Esports? Know Here

Firstly What are eSports?

So well starting with the defination of esports which is sometimes called esports because it is a sports activity carried out electronically between professional or amateur players. Esports involves a live tournament in which the winner receives prize money and many other benefits depending on the tournament’s format.

Anyone can play these tournaments from anywhere in the world as long as they have a stable internet connection through a dedicated server.  However, at high-profile esports events, even in this all the players from overall world usually gather in one place to compete.

Few details regarding the evolution and rise of the eSports industry

In the 1980s, esports fans introduced esports to pass the time while playing their favorite game on a PC device.  The most played games were Tetris, Pac-Men, and Space Invaders.  As they played, everyone wanted to beat their previous score.  Those old-fashioned games were games where you competed with yourself.  However, that had to change later, as it became a de facto sport in which the professionals pit each other for a considerable amount of prizes and have a large global fan base.

The first esports competition was launched at Stanford University in October 1972 and was dubbed the Intergalactic Space War Olympics.  The technology hadn’t advanced yet, but people still found other ways to compete by comparing scores.  It took another 25 years for esports to develop and be recognized as official.  The first officially recognized esports tournament was held in South Korea in 2000. Although the tournament was a great success, it took several years for eSports to gain worldwide popularity.

How Esports Evolved ?

At first, not many people found the concept of esports entertaining at all, but that began to slowly change over time, and today more than 71 million people participate in live esports tournaments around the world. Even Esports has come a long way since the new millennium with the launch of cyber games and esports World Cup tournaments.  Also  main reasons for the growth of the esports industry is the growth of tournament sponsorships, and as the number of sponsors continues to grow, the popularity of esports will increase.

Twitch which is a popular live streaming platform that Amazon recently bought for $ 1 billion and is known for streaming live gaming events like eSports and poker.  In 2013, an estimated 55 million viewers were avid fans of the esports tournament.

Know few details about eSports for beginner players

Thanks to high-speed internet and video streaming facilities, e-sports games are now easily accessible almost everywhere.  This means that those who have never played or watched an eSport game before can now satisfy their curiosity from the comfort of their own home.  Esports is not complicated, although the first few times it can seem overwhelming.  For the first time, players will have to find a list of their favorite games and how they are played and play them frequently to improve their game reactions.

Is really E-Sports: a new way of living?

When children used to spend their time playing video games in the past, their parents often discouraged them from wasting their time because it didn’t teach them anything, and it tended to make them lazy.  This is no longer the case because the eSports industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry that pays gamers who win very well and allows them to earn a living simply by playing eSports.

Aside from top professional gamers like Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, who make £ 1 million a year, other players in the esports industry are also making huge amounts of money.

It’s not just gamers who can earn a living playing eSports.

Some of the people employed by esports companies and sponsors, such as commentators, assistants, and support staff, are the people who make their whole life living from the esports industries only.

The esports industry is extremely competitive, and eSports companies are always looking for innovative eSports developers who can create new games that capture the attention of a global audience.  In the United States, eSports companies like Riot Games are willing to pay six-figure salaries to senior engineers who can create new games.  However, it is still the players who earn the most money, as they have the opportunity to register and play eSport tournaments from around the world and win a significant amount of prize money.

Many young people worldwide are now turning to esports for a living as they neither want the traditional 9 to 5 job nor do they want to be a part of the rat race.  These players prefer to play from the comfort of their homes, work their schedules, and travel the world playing eSports tournaments.

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